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Interview for the post of JRF on 20/05/2017

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Tentative date sheet Internal Assessment II Sem Open Electives on 26th May 2017. Environmental Issues ENS 15210OE and
Global Environmental Problems ENS 15211OE

Tentative date sheet Internal Assessment 3rd Sem Open Electives on 27th May 2017. Environmental Protection ENS310OE

Syllabus M.Sc. ENS 2016-17 



About Department

Earth is the only planet we know which has an environment that is hospitable. The present century, witnessed a rapid decline in the quality of the environment that supports life system on the earth. The environmental deterioration is so alarmingly high that it now threatens the very survival of life including the human beings.

The present era is hailed proudly and joyfully as the heroic age of inventions, in the fields of atom, space, nanotechnology, biotechnology, genetic engineering and currently entering into the super highway of information technology etc. These developments have opened up new vistas for man to probe into and come out with discoveries bearing on man’s health, wealth and welfare. The astounding advance in knowledge under various disciplines collectively called Science and Technology has conferred innumerable benefits on man and filled his life with conveniences and comforts, pleasures and luxuries which were perhaps beyond his wildest dreams in the last century. But the other side of the story gives quite dismal and alarming picture. Due to over indulgence for pleasure and for material comforts humans are destroying the very fabric of the life on earth. He has caused serious damages to the various biotic and abiotic components of our planet which at a time is quite irreversible. The self regulating, self maintaining dynamics of the ecosystem and its supporting system are being violently disturbed. Air, water and soil have been poisoned and polluted causing the extinction of many plants and animals and also we are now facing imminent elimination of good share of the planetary spectrum of life. The population of human beings is also increasing in an exponential rate, which is beyond the carrying capacity of the earth. The greatest challenge for human kind in the present millennium is to put a break on his population growth, in restoring and securing the equilibrium of the environment, in evolving a new life style in which energy is conserved, use natural resources efficiently in a manner that is ecologically sound and sustainable.

Environmental Science as a profession promises tremendous employment opportunities in the fields of.

  • Industry
  • Research and Development
  • Social Development
  • Environmental Journalism
  • Environmental Modelling
  • Environmental Biologist

It was in the backdrop of the above said scenario that more than decade ago, University of Kashmir started a new Department named as “P.G Department of Environmental Science” which is mainly concerned with the sharp decline in the environmental quality, the growing menace of environmental pollution and the need for highlighting the role of green plants in environmental protection. 

(Prof. Azra Nahaid Kamili)

(Head P.G. Department of Environmental Science)