Volume: 15 Online First Article 2020

  • Title : Phytoplankton Dynamics at Diverse Depths in the Nigeen Lake of Srinagar city, Kashmir Himalaya
    Author(s) : Tajamul Bashir1, Sheikh Tajamul Islam1and Sami Ullah Bhat1*
    KeyWords : Phytoplankton composition, Nigeen Lake, cluster analysis, vertical zonation, community pollution index
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  • Title : Avian Diversity in Association with Vegetation Structure in Outer Foothills of Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand
    Author(s) : Mohan Kukreti
    KeyWords : Avian diversity, bird vegetation association, bird species richness, Himalayas, Garhwal.
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  • Title : Major Ion Chemistry of Surface Sedements in Brackish Endorheic Lake Tso Moriri - A High Altitude Ramsar Site in Western Himalaya
    Author(s) : Aftab Ahmad1*, Arshid Jehangir2*, A.R. Yousuf2, Wajahat Amin Shah3, and Aasimah Tanveer2
    KeyWords : Keywords: Himalaya, Indus, Closed lake, Exchangeable cations, Jammu and Kashmir.
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  • Title : Diversity and Distribution Pattern of Mosses in Cold Desert of Leh, Ladakh
    Author(s) : Sonam Spalzin, Anshul Dhyani, Kumar Shantanu1* and P L Uniyal
    KeyWords : Bryophyta, cold desert, floristics, mosses, Osterwaldiella, peatl and, taxonomy
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  • Title : Deweeding as a Lake Management Intervention– A Critical Analysis
    Author(s) : Mohmmad Irshad Rather1*, A. R. Yousuf2, and U. R. Zargar3
    KeyWords : Deweeding, Lake harvesting, Lake management, Weed growth, Eutrophication
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  • Title : Resource Potential and Carrying Capacity Analysis of River Tawi sub-Watersheds, Jammu (India) Using Geospatial Techniques
    Author(s) : Md. Sarfaraz Asgher, Rajender Singh and Lucky Sharma
    KeyWords : Resource, Carrying capacity, management, planning, sustainable development
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  • Title : Estimation of Stream Hydraulic Parameters and Sediment Load in River Neola in the Foothills of the Panchchuli Glacier During the Ablation Period
    Author(s) : Kuldeep Singh Rautela1, Jagdish Chandra Kuniyal1*, Nidhi Kanwar1, Ajay Singh Bhoj1
    KeyWords : Discharge, Hydraulic parameters, Manning’s coefficient, sediment load, subcritical state, wetted perimeter.
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  • Title : Hydrobiological Study of Aripal Stream in Tral, Kashmir Valley
    Author(s) : Masarat Shah1, Erum Mushtaq1, Sheikh Tajamul Islam1, Inam Sabha1, Umara Qayoom1 and Sami Ullah Bhat1*
    KeyWords : Stream, macro invertebrates, Annelida, Water Quality Index, principal component analysis
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  • Title : Checklist of the Caddisfly Family Leptoceridae Leach, 1815 (Insecta: Trichoptera) From India
    Author(s) : Aquib Majeed1, Sajad Hussian Parey1*, Zahid Hussain1, Tabaraq Ali1 and Malkiat Singh Saini2
    KeyWords : Keywords:Trichoptera, Leptoceridae, Diversity, Himalaya, India
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  • Title : Worthful Willows: Economic and Ethnomedicinal Uses of Genus Salix L. in the Kashmir and Ladakh Himalayas
    Author(s) : *Akhtar, H. Malik, G. H. Dar, Anzar, A. Khuroo, **Aijaz, H. Ganie, Maroof Hamid and A. H. Munshi
    KeyWords : Willows; Salix; economic uses; ethno-medicine; ecological services; bio-prospection; Himalaya
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  • Title : Heavy Metal Contamination in Water of the River Cauvery- A Case Study of Erode, Salem, and Namakkal Districts, Tamil Nadu
    Author(s) : P. Myvizhi and P.S. Aruna Devi
    KeyWords : Heavy metals, Contamination, Cauvery river, Industrial effluents, anthropogenic activities
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