Volume: 16 Online Articles I 2021

  • Title : Morphometry Governs the Dynamics of runoff and Sediment Production Rate: A case study of Upper-Kosi Micro-watershed, Almora Uttarakhand
    Author(s) : Kuldeep Singh Rautela1*, Mohd Sharjeel Sofi2, Abhishek1, Varun Khajuria1 and Shubham Verma1
    KeyWords : Geo-morphometry, Kumaon Himalayas, remote sensing, Sediment Production Rate
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  • Title : Understanding Zoobenthos Dynamics in Some Crenic Habitats of Kashmir Valley
    Author(s) : Sami Ullah Bhat1* and Ashok K. Pandit2
    KeyWords : Springs, Crenobiology, Diversity, Zoobenthos
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  • Title : Dust Accumulation and its Effect on Plant Species Grown Along National Highways 11 and 89 in Bikaner (Rajasthan)
    Author(s) : Leela Kaur*, Aarti Ojha1 and Nupur Kanwar1
    KeyWords : Dust pollution, Dust holding capacity, Chlorophyll, plant species, Bikaner
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  • Title : Efficiency Evaluation of Fluidized Aerobic Bioreactor (FAB) Based Sewage Treatment Plant Near Dal Lake in Kashmir Valley, India
    Author(s) : Umara Qayoom1, Nazia Mohi Ud Din 1and Sami Ullah Bhat1*
    KeyWords : Ammonia, BOD, Claritube settler, Discharge, Outlet, Pollution, Sewage
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  • Title : Assessment of Butterfly (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera) Diversity and Relative Abundance in Rivona Near the Foothills of Western Ghats-Goa
    Author(s) : Kulkarni Rajender Rao*, Naik Shreya, Patil Nutan, Rodrigues Glamy, Naik Arya and Naik Akshata
    KeyWords : Biodiversity, Butterfly, Lepidopera, Rivona, Western Ghats
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  • Title : Phytoplankton Assemblages and Trophic Status of Wular Lake in Kashmir Himalaya
    Author(s) : Showkat Subhan Mir1*and Ashok Kumar Pandit2
    KeyWords : TSI, Carlson, Trophic status, Wular, Wetland, Himalaya
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  • Title : Insect Fauna with Special Emphasis on Their Abundance and Diversity in Different Habitats of Kashmir Valley
    Author(s) : Shahid Ahmad Dar1, Fahim Bashir1, Inam Sabha1, Sami Ullah Bhat1*, Md Niamat Ali2, Ghulam Ahmad Bhat2, Abroo Ali1, Bashir Ahmad Sheer Gojree1, Manzoor Ahmad Bhat1, Shagufta Mohi Ud Din Bhat1, Abdul Aziz1 and Parvaiz Ahmad Kattoo1
    KeyWords : Aerial entomofauna, Cluster analysis, Distribution, Diversity indices, Ecosystems, Kashmir Himalaya
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  • Title : Diversity of Millipedes (Myriapoda: Diplopoda) at Southern Western Ghats of Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu
    Author(s) : *Usha, B., 1 Vasanthi, K.1, Chezhian, Y.2 and Esaivani, C.3
    KeyWords : Millipede, diversity, Southern Western Ghats, abundance and temperature
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  • Title : Prioritization of Sub Watersheds Based on Morphometric and Land use Parameters for Integrated Watershed Management of Vishav Watershed, Kashmir Valley
    Author(s) : Aadil M. Nanda1 , Feroze A. Wani2 , Zahoor Ul Hussan3, Gowhar Rashid4 and G. M. Dar5
    KeyWords : Vishav, Watershed Prioritization, Morphometric Analysis, Landuse/Landcover, Remote Sensing, GIS.
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  • Title : Expansion of Protein Domains and Stress Tolerance in Barley: An In silico Approach
    Author(s) : Villayat Ali1,*, Priyanka Singh1 and Malkhey Verma2*
    KeyWords : Hordeum vulgare, Protein Domain, Tandem repeats (TRs), PPR, LRR
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  • Title : Evaluation of Plants Used in Traditional Medicine in Bishnupur District of Manipur, Northeast India
    Author(s) : Jogesh Laishram1* and Mithra Dey2
    KeyWords : Traditional healers, Medicinal plants, Bishnupur district, Diseases, Ailments, Treatment
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