The importance and relevance of science of environment cannot be disputed and neglected. The need for sustainable development is a key to the future of mankind. Ever-increasing environmental problems have made everyone aware to have a measured and an appropriate response to environmental issues. Several policy and legislative efforts throughout the world from last fifty years have drawn the attention of people around the globe to the deteriorating environmental quality. Therefore Environmental management has come at the centre stage. Consequently, it is now more important and challenging to have a better understanding of Environmental dynamics to achieve the goals of Sustainable Development.  


Department of Environmental Science is one of the primary departments involved in quality interdisciplinary teaching, research and consultancy. Since its inception the Department has proved to be as the centre for environmental education and research enhancing knowledge and understanding dynamics in Science of Environment by identifying, planning and conducting research programmes on problems of regional, national and international importance. Department has diversified interest in various facets and dimensions of environment ranging from physical, chemical, biological and cultural. The key attributes of the Department include robust and relevant curriculum structure, intensive field sampling and education tours, high demand ratio, promising placement record and a very high percentage of NET/SET qualified candidates.


The student mix makes it diverse as the students come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. We not only provide an intellectual ecosystem for our students and researchers to acquire knowledge, skill and to deliberate some of the pressing environmental issues in academics and research, but also try to offer the solutions from Management point of view. The students develop a strong theoretical foundation through an interactive class room teaching, rigorous field and practical components, assignments, seminar presentations, and project work. The faculty brings tremendous research strength and a wide variety of Consultancy across diverse and functional domains.  I am of this view that Degree in academic and research programme at department of Environmental Science could lead to rewarding careers filled with inquiry and intellectual growth. The contributions of students and researchers extend not only to Education but also to Govt. and industry. I am proud and privileged to have a young and committed team of well experienced and learned faculty to take this mission forward.


I invite you to consider our academic and research programs and would be happy to discuss your academic and research interests, if you have the leaning and commitment to undertake a rewarding career in the field of Environment.

Prof. Fayaz Ahmad
Head Of Department