The idea of having department of Environmental Science in University of Kashmir was born in 2000 under the shadow of Chinars in Naseem Bagh at the closing of 20th century. Some voices from the last three decades of 20th century regarding the environmental quality degradation have acted as precursors for the establishment of Department. This idea has transformed into budding repository of knowledge which enlightened professionalism and excellence. Under patronage of CORD, M.Sc and M. Phil and Ph.D programs were started in 2001 and 2002 respectively. Department of Environmental Science is one of the primary departments involved in quality interdisciplinary teaching, research, outreach and consultancy. The key attributes of the Department curriculum  include the various dimensions of teaching of Environment- Pollution, Chemistry, Geoscience, Toxicology, Microbiology, Engineering, Biotechnology, planning and auditing, Natural Resource, Ecology and Biodiversity, Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology, EIA, Remote Sensing etc.

Since its inception the department has proved to be as the center for environmental education and research enhancing knowledge and understanding dynamics in Science of Environment by identifying, planning and conducting research programmes on problems of regional, national and international importance. Department has diversified interest in various facets and dimensions of environment ranging from physical, chemical, biological and cultural. Direct connection between the environment and human beings provides a bonus importance thereby making the discipline more valued and relevant. The Department has to its credit a professional and trained caravan who are working in the State in different capacities especially in the education department. Department is attraction for career making to students who value the enabling and encouraging atmosphere for carving out the hidden potentials of human resources and to better place and position it for greater cause and service.

In light of the changing economic and environmental scenario and industry–institute interface attracting attention, faculty and researchers is encouraged for undertaking   consultancy projects as an important means for extending value of research work and expertise to the industrial and economic growth and environmental protection of the country in general and the State of Jammu and Kashmir in particular. Therefore, as a matter of policy, faculty is dressed to take the research and consultancy assignments which have a better bearing not on nationally but regionally as well. Faculty of department is actively involved in conducting research in the fields of Environmental pollution, Aquatic ecology and Terrestrial ecology etc. The research area and consultancy work is more directed towards the various pressing environmental issues in the State including the water pollution, air pollution, degradation of aquatic environs, impact studies of various developmental projects.

The department has successfully conducted Environmental impact assessment and prepared environmental management plans of various projects like construction of Hydroelectric Project, Industrial Estates, Road Projects, Ropeway project, Town Area development etc within the State of Jammu and Kashmir.  

Over 74 students have so far successfully completed M. Phill/ Ph.D programme, who have worked on different aspects of Environmental Science. The placement record of the department is quite fascinating which is the driving force of having high demand ratio of students then many programmes offered by various schools of sciences. Earning of research grants from the premier funding agency like DST, DST-SERB, MoEF&CC, NMHS, and FIST by the faculty and research scholars coupled with high performance of our students in national and State level exams/fellowship schemes, intensive field work and education tours, convincing placement record, extending water and air analysis services to various agencies are the hall marks of our Department.




The Department is committed to strive for excellence in Teaching/ Research and aims to create trained/ quality human resources who master Knowledge, skill and leadership to understand the challenge of environmental problems faced currently and in the future ahead.